Cinematically, Yours
This Week’s Movie Reviews

WE WON! KING5 News Evening Magazine announced last night that the Rose was voted Best Independent Cinema in Western Washington. Thank you, Rose fans, for your votes, and for your loyal support of the Rose and Starlight Room these many years.

     The above accolade, and our opening of THE IRISHMAN this week comes with a spoonful of irony. A new film by director Martin Scorsese is always a major theatrical event, but because THE IRISHMAN is a Netflix production, theatrical exhibition takes a back seat to their primary goal of signing up new subscribers. For this reason - and most unfortunately - THE IRISHMAN will be playing at the Rose for only 6 days. After that it can be streamed on Netflix. This major film should be seen on a big screen. Rest up - it's three hours and twenty-nine minutes, and there's no intermission. "It is to gangster movies what John Ford's 'The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance' was to westerns. Without a doubt it's a masterpiece." -San Francisco Chronicle. (MARRIAGE STORY, opening November 29th is also a Netflix production, and will be playing for only one week. "How does a small tale of a broken marriage emerge as a major triumph and one of the very best movies of the year? When it's the best film from [director] Noah Baumbach with career highs from Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson." -Rolling Stone)

     Vroom! Vroom! That was the sound of FORD V FERRARI leaving every other movie in the dust this past weekend. It was the #1 movie nationally, and for good reason - it is well written, directed and acted, and will likely garner Oscar nominations.

     Watch the trailer for Philip Glass's AKHNATEN, the Metropolitan Opera production that we're presenting live via satellite this Saturday. It's mesmerizing. "Gleaming...The score is vintage Glass, flowing into every crevice, smoothing the day's ragged edges, and lifting spirits on a burbling tide...J'Nai Bridge's Met debut leaves the audience craving much, much more." -New York