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The Bowmakers & Mom

THE BOWMAKERS. Before director Ward Serrill and I began the journey of making this film, I asked him what he wanted from me as a producer. He asked for three things: a creative collaboration, my being present so that he wouldn't feel alone in the project, and my willingness to raise the money. The film couldn't have been made without the money, but being present was my real contribution. On a relatively low-budget film where the director is shouldering both creative and logistical responsibilities in three countries, my role in this musical discovery became evident. I am proud of the film, humbled by the creative contributions and financial support of so many people, and honored that I now get to host the film through the Rose's streaming Film Library. And to our local but internationally renowned bow makers - Charles, Robert, Ole, Paul and Cody - thank you for trusting us.

     SUPER FRENCHIE - streaming Friday, 6/4 - is the kind of story for which the phrase, "Do not try this at home" was coined. Matthias Giraud - known as Super Frenchie is a professional skier and B.A.S.E jumper. He likes to ski off - literally off - very tall mountains. He was the first person to ski off of the Matterhorn in Switzerland. Myself, I am perfectly content just watching him perform his derring-do from the comfort of home with a bowl of popcorn beside me. 

     THE MIRIAM CHRONICLES. My sweet 101-year-old mother is living with me for the summer. She arrived with a suitcase, a coffee maker, and the beloved photo of George Clooney that he sent to her on the occasion of centenary birthday. I asked her if she remembered the first movie that she ever saw. She didn't, but the question opened a flood gate of other memories: the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the death of FDR, and falling in love with my father. "I was a cute girl and very popular, but once I met him I didn't look at anyone else. Our first date was October 13, 1939. We went to the 5th Avenue Theatre to see 'Babes In Arms' with Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney." Soon after their first movie together they decided to go steady. 'Babes In Arms' went on to become one of the biggest hits of the year, and Miriam went on to graduate from the University of Washington, to watch a lifetime of movies with her new beau, and to eventually to become my mother. 


BEING JULIA - "An intelligently witty comedy that boasts the sort of performance from Annette Bening that had wags predicting an Academy Award nomination months ago." -Houston Chronicle

WHEN HITLER STOLE PINK RABBIT - [Judith] Kerr's book is ultimately a testament to resilience and family love." -Common Sense Media

THE BAND'S VISIT - "What a charming, laugh-out-loud little gem this is." -Little White Lies

ELLA FITZGERALD - "Man, woman or child, Ella is the greatest of them all." -Bing Crosby

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