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I’m Your Man

It is so nice to finally have the Starlight Room open again! And every show has been sold out since last Friday. I would like to thank some key people who worked long hours to help make it happen: Michele Bayle, the Starlight interior designer, operations consultant Lauren Kohn, managers Leah Manley and Amy Priest, Scott Swatner of Nowak Plumbing, and Frederickson Electric. And a sincere thank you to those of you who supported us during our closure with donations, loans, and purchases of memberships, gift cards, streaming movies and sidewalk popcorn. Wes Anderson's THE FRENCH DISPATCH will be continuing for another week. "A beguiling curio, and one that no other filmmaker could have created." -Hollywood Reporter

     Maria Schrader, who received and Emmy award for directing the outstanding Netflix series UNORTHODOX, returns to the big screen with the delightful I'M YOUR MAN, a screwball romantic comedy that is Germany's submission for Best Foreign Language Film. Alma is a scientist who, in order to obtain research funds, agrees to live for three weeks with a humanoid specifically engineered for her happiness. "I'm Your Man is science fiction with soul and a romance written for adults. Just like its mechanical hero, this tender film is attractive, smart and cunningly designed to win your heart." -Empire Magazine. 96% on Rotten Tomatoes

     DUNE continues this Friday (11/5) for one more week, and opening next Friday (11/12) will be BELFAST, Kenneth Branagh's elegiac, autobiographical love-letter to his childhood. "It will nab an easy Best Picture Oscar nomination." -Times (UK)

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