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Frisbee & Resolutions

     The question came to me during my weekly (safely distanced) Frisbee game with friends: "What are your New Year's resolutions?" I stopped making those years ago, and I suspect that the inclination was age-related. Every day feels like a new opportunity to get it right, to make a course correction, to be a better son, brother, father, friend and member of my community. 

     While the coronavirus has separated us, and unfortunately divided us as a nation, it has also, for me, deepened friendships with its searing reminder of our fragile mortality. This pandemic has also reminded me, once again, of what a remarkable, caring community I am fortunate to be part of. Thank you for your words of concern about the Rose, and for your generous donations. I wish all of you better times in 2021.

     One of the small things I miss about the Rose's closure is Fabulous Door Prize Night each Monday, so here's a trivia question and a prize for the first correct answer submitted. What is the name of the goat in TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH, streaming through the Rose. The prize is a DVD or a download of THE BOWMAKERS. Your choice. Submit answers to 

     Only after we began streaming THE LIBRARY THAT DOLLY BUILT last week did I learn that the Port Townsend Rotary Club will host a Fund-A-Cause evening on March 21st to establish a Dolly Parton Imagination Library for children in Jefferson County. Projected proceeds from this event will provide books to 200 preschoolers in the first year of the program. By year three, the program should reach over one thousand preschoolers. Unfortunately, by a requirement from the distributor, the film will end its streaming run with us tomorrow, but will return in April.

Pop-up popcorn on Saturday, January 2nd from 1-4 p.m., under the awning.

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