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Maggie G & Bon Bons

When Maggie Gyllenhaal first began reading the novels of Elena Ferrante, she had never heard such truthful words articulated in this way; things about being a woman in the world, a mother, a lover, a thinker, an artist, and she didn't realize how much she needed to hear them; and that as a culture we've made an agreement not to talk about really big aspects of ourselves..."and Ferrante broke the agreement, and that shattering I found invigorating. And I thought what if instead of having these feelings alone, what if I could put them on screen and it could be a communal experience where you're actually hearing these truths, actually seeing them...that seemed like a really radical thing to try and do."

     And Ms. Gyllenhaal has accomplished it so beautifully; "a quietly astonishing directorial debut...a crafty treatise on maternal ambivalence that delivers an unsettling emotional wallop."-Washington Post. THE LOST DAUGHTER opens in the Starlight this Friday for a one-week engagement.

     Two movies that I'm very much looking forward to - Paul Thomas Anderson's LICORICE PIZZA and Joel Coen's THE TRAGEDY OF MACBETH will both be opening on January 14th.

     Bon Bons. I watched movies as a kid eating popcorn and bon bons at the John Danz Theatre in Bellevue, Washington. And I've been searching for years for a really good bon bon to offer movie lovers. I've finally found it. Try some delicious Berry Dream Pops the next time you're in the Starlight. The John Danz closed in 1990, but bon bons live on.

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