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This Week’s Movie Reviews
Saoirse & Sam in SEE HOW THEY RUN

Saoirse Ronan charms in the delightful comedy SEE HOW THEY RUN. With a nod to Agatha Christie and Wes Anderson, Ronan and Sam Rockwell, along with an all-star cast, bring 1950s London to vibrant life. "A snappy comedy that struts in with an eyebrow coyly arched." -Variety. The movie opens in the Rose and Starlight this Friday, 9/16.

     RED, the final part of Krzysztof Kieślowski THREE COLORS TRILOGY plays this Saturday in the Rose, and Sunday in the Starlight.

     One of the best movies that I saw at this year's Telluride Film Festival was WOMEN TALKING, directed by Sarah Polley. Based on Miriam Toews' novel of the same name, it features fierce performances from Rooney Mara, Claire Foy, Jessie Buckley, Judith Ivey and Frances McDormand. I look forward to bringing it to the Rose soon.

     And I found this wonderful quote from Roger Ebert on the front door of Telluride's Nugget Theatre: "We are all born with a certain package. We are who we are. Where we were born, who we were born as, how we were raised. We are kind of stuck inside that person, and the purpose of civilization and growth is to be able to reach out and empathize a little bit with other people, find out what makes them tick, what they care about. For me, the movies are like a machine that generates empathy. If it's a great movie it lets you understand a little bit more about what it's like to be a different gender, a different race, a different age, a different economic class, a different nationality, a different profession, different hopes, aspirations, dreams and fears. It helps us to identify with people who are sharing this journey with us. And that, to me, is the most noble thing that good movies can do and it's a reason to encourage them and to support them and to go to them."

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