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"A woman should only do housework, respect her in-laws and stay at home." These were the words Fahrije Hoti heard every day after the loss of her husband – but she had other ideas. Instead, she banded together with other widows in her rural village, forming an unbreakable sisterhood, creating a means of survival and becoming the inspiration for HIVE, opening Friday. "Besides being a woman and a mother myself," says HIVE director Blerta Basholli, "I was intrigued by [Fahrije's] will power to not only survive, but to achieve something great and never look back. That is something I want to bring on screen, a strong female character full of colors. "An engrossing, utterly classic tale of overcoming adversity...played with glammed-down but riveting cool by granite-faced Yllka Gashi." -Hollywood Reporter. "A true story of feminist defiance..." -Los Angeles Times. 100% on Rotten Tomatoes

     The particularities of Max Lowe's feature documentary, TORN, are such that only he could tell it: in 1999, his father Alex, the most famous mountain climber in the world, died in an avalanche in the Himalayas. A lesser filmmaker might exploit this tale for its obvious emotions, but Max creates an unexpectedly profound exploration, focusing less on the glorious exploits of a legendary outdoorsman and more on his family as an unbreakable unit, and on the breathtaking ways that absence can be subsumed by love. Another riveting film from National Geographic, the studio behind the smash hit FREE SOLO"One of [TORN's] pleasures is that everyone here is thoroughly decent with a real story to tell." -Guardian. "Satisfyingly emotional without ever feeling sensationalized..." -Los Angeles Times. 100% on Rotten Tomatoes

     SINGIN' IN THE RAIN this Sunday night in the Starlight is sold out. But coming for Valentine's Day is the wonderful, enduring MOONSTRUCK. The ticket includes the movie, champagne and Red Velvet Cake made by Seashell Cakes of Port Townsend. Delicious!

     $5 DOLLAR MOVIE NIGHT strikes again this Friday 1/21! Because times are tough. Because it's January. Because everyone could use a treat. Because we all need art in our lives. Because popcorn warms the heart. Because we love our community. All tickets this Friday evening in the Rose and Starlight are just $5.

     Attention fans of Pedro Almodóvar, Penelope Cruz and Bill Murray. Mark your calendars for these must-see movies: PARALLEL MOTHERS (1/28), and NEW WORLDS: THE CRADLE OF CIVILIZATION (2/4).

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