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This Week’s Movie Reviews
Sigourney & Kevin

The reviews for THE GOOD HOUSE  are to the point; how wonderful to have two stars back on the big screen. "Sigourney Weaver deserves awards attention for turning what could have been a cliched dramedy...into something funny, touching and vital. And cheers to Kevin Kline as the dazed dude who loves her." -ABC News. "The pair generate heat and heart connection in a mature sleeper that's ultimately about the struggle to live an authentic life." -Movies for Grownups. The movie opens in the Rose this Friday, October 7th. 

     BURIED: THE 1982 ALPINE MEADOWS AVALANCHE was co-directed by friend and fellow theatre owner, Steven Siig, who owns the Tahoe City Art Haus. Boasting a 100% rating on Rottentomatoes, Siig's goal was to highlight the work of first responders and the ski patrol, in addition to others who were effected by the historic avalanche. It's a compelling documentary about memory, tragedy and the power of nature. 

     This Sunday is the final screening of STRAIGHT LINE CRAZY, presented by the National Theatre of London starring Ralph Fiennes. "Ralph Fiennes enthralls as the man who shaped New York." -The Guardian

     Watch for a big announcement in my column next week.

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