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Starlight Room & Wes Anderson

Great. Big. News. *The Starlight Room is re-opening Friday, October 29th. Our opening feature will be Wes Anderson's new film THE FRENCH DISPATCH. Tickets will be available beginning Friday, October 22nd.

     In addition to this great big news, there are great big changes in the Starlight. This popular venue was always a partnership between myself (movies and popcorn) and the Silverwater Cafe (bar and food.) As everyone is aware, the pandemic has created an incredible labor shortage in the U.S., and the restaurant industry has been hit particularly hard. The Silverwater no longer has staff for the Starlight.

     I owe a heartfelt, generous thank you to Alison Hero and David Hero of the Silverwater for stepping out on a limb with me to create the Starlight Room together. It was a perfect partnership of food and film.

     The big change in the Starlight is that food - as you have known it - is no longer part of the venue. A new expanded concession - similar to the Rose - is taking shape on the third floor. And it will continue to expand. Yes, our famous popcorn with all the seasonings returns, along with more beer and wine on tap, and frozen treats. And new furniture has been added to the eclectic mix of loveseats, sofas and comfy chairs.

     We look forward to welcoming you back to the Starlight. 


     Todd Haynes was the perfect director for the new documentary THE VELVET UNDERGROUND. His work (VELVET GOLDMINEFAR FROM HEAVENI'M NOT THERECAROL) is often experimental, and asks viewers to contend with ambiguity. The Velvet Underground created a new sound that changed the world of music, cementing its place as one of rock 'n' roll's most revered bands. "The immediacy of the group's brief life gives way to the towering legacy it left behind, to which Mr. Haynes's documentary now counts as a substantial contribution." -Wall Street Journal. "A trippy, sexy, must-see rock doc." -The Daily Beast

     LANGUAGE LESSONS and LITTLE GIRL conclude their engagements this Thursday 10/14. NO TIME TO DIE continues in the Rose auditorium. Beginning next Friday 10/22, DUNE and the comedy I'M YOUR MAN.

     Six films are being added to our streaming Film Library this Friday 10/15: 3 comedies (HUMPDAYFRANKBUFFALOED), 2 documentaries (LIFE ITSELFBOOM FOR REAL), and 1 drama (LUCKY).

*Rose Theatre COVID protocols apply to the Starlight Room as well: proof of vaccination and photo ID required at the door. Masks required at all times when not eating or drinking.

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