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This Week’s Movie Reviews

"Tragedy is easy; Comedy is hard." Those words, paraphrased from the alleged last words of actor Edmund Kean: "dying is easy; comedy is hard" remain true to this day. Our new feature, PERFUMES, vanquishes that hard hurdle.

     PERFUMES, a new French comedy, is as light and sweetly charming as its subject. Ann Walberg is a master in fragrance who has fallen from grace amongst the upper echelons of the perfume industry. When she hires a down-on-his-luck chauffeur, the two strike up a friendship, that, not surprisingly, changes both of them. The movie begins streaming today, Friday 3/19. 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. "...refreshing and undeniably original narrative." -Little White Lies

     Our new opera series from Spain continues this week with LA TRAVIATA. While each opera has a different start day, all are available for streaming through Thursday, April 30th.

     Two weeks from today - April 2nd - our annual and very popular presentation of the Oscar Nominated Short Films begins. Once again we'll be presenting all three categories - animation, live action and documentary. 

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