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Rocky Is Retiring

For three decades I have had the best job in the world, but the time has come for me to retire. I am seeking a new owner who will shepherd the historic Rose into its next chapter. You'll find the entire story in today's Port Townsend Leader.

I never wanted to open just a movie theatre, but rather a place that would become part of the fabric of the community. A business plan might state that intention, but it takes a bit of alchemy to actually manifest that magic. And I'm so fortunate that all of you have brought that magic to the Rose–love and curiosity for movies, loyal patronage, kindness, and friendship.

Filmmaking is a collaborative art, as is running a movie theatre, and I have been blessed with the greatest cast imaginable: a creative and loving staff; a dedicated board of directors; and most of all my daughter, Renata, who began tearing tickets at age twelve and has become my closest business confidante.

I take this transition very seriously. I intend to find a buyer who will honor the Rose's legacy and our remarkable audience. I will remain with the theatre for as long as it takes to find that family or individual.

Every night when turning out the lights and preparing to leave, I have said good night to the movie spirits that live in the theatre. It is my way of acknowledging the remarkable history of the Rose. But for the last few years the ghosts have been whispering back–and I've heard enough from them about my receding hairline.

You have made my life's work extraordinarily meaningful. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

In gratitude,