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This Week’s Movie Reviews
Spencer & The Alpinist

Movie posters don't always convey the essence of a story. But the two images for this week's new movies - THE ALPINIST and SPENCER - absolutely hit the mark.

     If you appreciated the derring-do and the extraordinary cinematography of FREE SOLO, the record of climber Alex Hannold's free solo ascent of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, then THE ALPINIST is for you. It's a portrait of climber Marc-André Leclerc, who is known for his numerous solo ascents around the world. But Leclerc placed more value on the spirituality, self-discovery and philosophy of his life as an explorer and less value on competitiveness or media coverage of his accomplishments. [The] "film succeeds most as a sincere, wonderstruck tribute to a fellow climber."

     "...Spencer is a bold, compassionate, poetic riposte to standard royal biopics. It also confirms Kristen Stewart as one of the most exciting actors working today." -Empire Magazine. Director Pablo Larrain's SPENCER is a fable, an imagining of a few fateful days in the life of Princess Diana. "We all grew up understanding what a fairy tale is, but Diana Spencer changed the paradigm. This is the story of a Princess who decided not to become a Queen, but chose to build her identity by herself. I wanted to explore Diana's process, as she oscillates between doubt and determination...It was a decision that would define her legacy: one of honesty and humanity that remains unparalleled." -Pablo Larrain. [It's] "an allegory of powerlessness, revolt and liberation."-New York Times

     The live literary Starlight event and book signing with Ward Serrill in the celebration of his just published memoir - To Crack The World Open - sold out in two days. Tickets are now available for a second presentation the following day, Sunday, November 21, at 12:30.

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