Rose Theatre Film Library

The biggest variable that may affect your viewing of a Rose film is your internet connectivity. We recommend a high speed internet connection for the best streaming experience.

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What is streaming?

How do I stream a film?

How do I stream using an Amazon Firestick or ROKU?

Do I need to be a member or have a Rose account to stream?

How do I watch on my TV?

How can I log into my account and see what I've purchased?

I have not received my confirmation email, what should I do?

Why does video playback stall or not play smoothly?

What browser should I use?

How long after a purchase do I have to watch a film?

Can I watch more than once?

I don't live in Port Townsend, can I stream?

When can I begin streaming my films?

How long after my purchase do I have to stream my film?

I am receiving the error message "Your voucher has been redeemed by a different IP address", what do I do?

What are the system requirements for viewing?

Can I watch on my iPhone, iPad or Android device?

Why do I see a black screen if I am watching content with AirPlay on my TV?

Are refunds or exchanges available?