What people are saying about the Rose and the Starlight Room

Rose Theatre Voted Best Indie Theater in Western Washington

"Want to see a great movie in Port Townsend? Take the stairs. There's an elevator to The Rose Theatre's Starlight Room but most moviegoers prefer to climb the three stories...It's well worth the hike. Moviegoers can line up at the bar and order well shaken martinis with heaping bowls of popcorn. There's even a kitchen where chefs make sliders and salads. Best of all, the Starlight Room is an old photography studio." For the full article, continue to KING5.

Port Townsend Theatre is a Rose - and worth the trip!

"It’s Friday night at the movies in Port Townsend. Friends and I arrive 45 minutes before showtime at the Rose Theatre’s Starlight Room on the third floor of a former Elks lodge. Upholstered chairs and comfy couches face tall windows with views of Admiralty Inlet. One of three cinemas in a vintage multiplex that began as a vaudeville house in 1907, the room has just 46 seats, and often sells out." For the full article, continue to Seattle Times.

The Rose Theater in Washington State: A Beloved Local Movie House Embraces Digital

"If you want to get cinematic about it, you could say that Rocky Friedman is like Humphrey Bogart’s Rick in Casablanca. Both men hold court nightly in neighborhood joints that reflect their refined and idiosyncratic tastes. Like Rick’s café, there’s always action at Rocky’s."  – The Credits

A Rose in Bloom: "Rocky's Theatre" earns devoted fans in Port Townsend, WA

"The loyal customers of the Rose Theatre in Port Townsend, Washington, refer to the location as 'Rocky’s Theatre.' Rocky Friedman has been running his two-screen cinema for almost 20 years, attracting a devoted following of viewers who come for his programming, his popcorn, and the community feeling he creates.  "The Rose is very much a reflection of Rocky’s taste in movies,” Ned Schumann, a longtime customer, states. “Because his taste is so good, it means the people of Port Townsend have this wonderful cultural mecca.”"  – Film Journal

Victorian Gems and Bawdy Seaport Roots are Keys to Port Townsend, WA

"We headed upstairs to the Starlight Room, a ballroom-like screening room with crystal chandeliers and pillow-strewn vintage sofas. It was a treat to kick back and watch a movie with local film buffs while sipping wine and snacking on fresh popcorn topped with real butter." For the full article, continue to Los Angeles Times.

Vintage movie theatres about outside Seattle's city limits

"Rated very high — maybe at the very top? — on my personal list of Best Places To See A Movie is this lovingly restored jewel, a former 1907 vaudeville house that now boasts three unique screening rooms." For the full list, continue to Seattle Times.

Field, Stern of 'Sybil' Reunite at Port Townsend's Rose Theatre

"Sally Field appeared at the Rose Theatre on Sunday to pay tribute to the role where she was first taken seriously as an actress.  "This was the role that changed my life," Field said of Sybil, the 1976 television movie in which she played a woman with 16 different personalities."  – Peninsula Daily News

Port Townsend's Sites Invite Visitors Year-Round

"A cinema so picturesque it hardly matters which movie is playing...Perhaps the highlight, though, is the view. Before a staffer closes the velvet curtains, the third-floor theater’s tall windows offer a look at Admiralty Inlet and, on a clear day, Mount Baker. It’s hard for a film to compete with that, although the Starlight does occasionally do late-night screenings of such classics as 'Sunset Boulevard.'" For the full article continue to The Olympian.

Port Townsend Your Way

"Movie lovers have long flocked to Port Townsend’s Rose Theater (235 Taylor St.), an enchanting former vaudeville house that’s been serving up art-house hits, blockbusters and uncannily good popcorn since the 1990s. Two years ago, operator Rocky Friedman opened up a third screen: the beautiful, unique Starlight Room, on the third floor of the historic building next door.  A joint operation between the Rose and the Silverwater Cafe downstairs (which provides food — an assortment of tasty small bites — and beer/wine/cocktails from an elegant bar), the Starlight Room is home to an eclectic variety of programming, watched from a softly colorful assortment of comfy vintage armchairs and sofas. I caught Hitchcock’s matchless thriller “Rear Window” there, on a sunny August evening with a houseful of dressed-up patrons, and learned that a glass of prosecco goes quite nicely with popcorn. For the full article, continue to the Seattle Times.

Peninsula Profile: Friedman takes steps to bring Rose Theatre into future of film

"There’s the unlikely story of Rocky Friedman, and then there’s the sequel, just arrived in theaters.  Two theaters, that is. Two little auditoriums with pretty big screens, on the verge of a conversion.  Friedman, co-owner of Port Townsend’s Rose Theatre, is preparing for the second major move of his professional life: replacing his film projection booths with a $200,000 digital and 3-D system so, he says, he can keep the Rose alive."  – Peninsula Daily News

Movie glamour in Port Townsend

"The Starlight Room itself is gorgeous — high ceilings, big windows (curtained, of course, when movies are playing), a graceful assortment of soft-colored vintage couches and chairs, chandeliers, the whisper of history. There’s an elegant little bar outside the main room, where you can get a cocktail or a Silverwater snack, and the whole experience just feels first-class." – Seattle Times

North America's Best Kept Secret

"The Rose Theater [sic] Port Townsend is rated the number one attraction in this quaint Olympic Peninsula city. With its amazing untouched natural beauty and the numerous Victorian houses, you will feel like you stepped right into the nineteenth century."  For the full article, continue to Washington Coast Adventures.

Romantic First Date in Port Townsend, WA

"The Rose Theatre in Port Townsend exudes the romance of a bygone theatrical era. Opulent without being cheesy, traditional but not boring, a first date at the Rose is the perfect choice for couples seeking a memorable evening together."  – Yahoo Movies

What to See, Eat & Explore in Port Townsend

"The movies are world-class art films and Sundance favorites, so you can get a little taste of culture while you relax, but in case you were worried that this was just a smaller, artsier version of the neighborhood AMC, you’ll know for sure that you’re not in Kansas anymore when you taste their popcorn: freshly popped with real butter. It’s a must do!"  For the full article, continue to Red Tricycle.

Thoughts on places and stories, and of finding home in Port Townsend, Washington

"Before the film, as is true with all films shown at The Rose, Rocky (or another employee of the theatre) came to the front of the theatre and said some words about the director and the film.  It’s one of only a handful of theatres still doing that across America."  – Waking Up Strange

Port Townsend Travel To-Do List

"Take a break from the suds at the recently opened Starlight Room, a brand-new screening room next door to the historic Rose Theatre. Along with first-rate films, it features food (think black truffle fries and Dungeness crab–stuffed mushrooms) and cocktails by the Silverwater Cafe."  For the full article, continue to Seattle Magazine.

A New Look at Old Port Townsend

"Go upstairs to the theater’s comfy armchair and loveseat-filled Starlight Room (for age 21 and older) to enjoy movies along with beer, wine, cocktails and snazzy snacks."  For the full article, continue to Seattle Times.

Dinner and a Movie: 10 of the Greatest Dine-in Theaters in America
"With 45 minutes between shows, you have plenty of time to stake out a spot (loveseats and couches you can move), admire the stunning view (boats on Admiralty Inlet), order your meal in the beautiful foyer (you get a small photo of a classic movie star to claim your food: “Clark Gable, your order is ready!”) and sup before the lights dim."  For the full article, continue to The Credits.

Rose Theatre Named  Best indie Theater by KING-5 Viewers

"Friedman expressed his appreciation to the Rose’s fans for their kindness and devotion, even as he offered compliments to his competitors in the poll, but he hopes to use this plaudit as leverage on behalf of movie theaters as a whole." For the full article, continue to The Leader

Seattle magazine's assistant art director Katie Kowalski shares her favorite restaurants, recreation spots and more
"The Rose Theatre is the place I’ve missed most since moving to Seattle last year. See a film—any film—at this beautiful cinema, or in its magical Starlight Room upstairs. If you order popcorn, you must sprinkle it with nutritional yeast." – Seattle Magazine

Support Shown for Indie Theaters

"[Owner Rocky Friedman] heard a repeated message from many of his donors: The success of the Rose’s fundraising gave them hope. “They weren’t just speaking of hope about the Rose, though they were glad,” he said. “They were speaking about hope in the larger picture of all we’re going through right now” — pandemic, civil unrest, forest fires, politics. Amid such chaos, the love and support for a neighborhood gathering place shone through." For the full article, continue to Seattle Times.