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This Week’s Movie Reviews
Nomadland and Oscar

     I was so pleased to see that director Chloé Zhao, and Frances McDormand were winners at the Academy Awards last Sunday. And their film, NOMADLAND took home the Best Picture award as well. It's a remarkably sensitive portrayal of people living on the margins of society. It registers less as a piece of fiction, and more like a documentary. It left me feeling privileged for spending time with these characters. You can find the movie streaming on multiple platforms. 

     And speaking of streaming, we have now created a Streaming Membership ($40) for your family and friends outside of Port Townsend. They can now enjoy a curated selection of movies through the Rose Theatre Film Library at member discount prices. 

     Our second new group of movies from Sony Pictures Classics launches today, which include some of the most popular Rose movies from years past: BAD EDUCATION, BEING JULIA, CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON, THE EAGLE HUNTRESS, THE CITY OF LOST CHILDREN, OUR LITTLE SISTER, SAINT LAURENT, THE TRIPLETS OF BELLVILLE, WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE. 

     As with donations and our Saturday popcorn sales, streaming movies through the Rose helps sustain us through this long closure. Thank you again for your support.

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