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Searching for Sugar Man
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Roger Ebert says it best in his original review of this film:

"Do some stories exist only because we need them to? SEARCHING FOR SUGARMAN is about a gifted singer-songwriter from Detroit who was an enigma. His face half-hidden by long flowing hair and dark glasses, he sang in folk music bars with his back turned to the audience. His name was Sixto Rodriguez. He was so good that without fame or a large fan base, he signed a two-album contract. The first album got a rare four-star review from Billboard. Neither it nor the second one sold well, the contract was dropped, and the story seemed to end there. Nothing was known. Rumors spread that he was dead — a suicide, who killed himself onstage by shooting himself or setting himself afire. Absolutely no evidence existed to support such theories, which by their sensational nature would hardly have passed unnoticed. In the absence of information the mystery only grew, about a man who was known only by his music, and even whose face was hardly clear. I hope you're able to see this film. You deserve to. And yes, it exists because we need for it to." (Exerpted).

3 day rental • PG-13 • 86 min.

"There are several entrancing mysteries circulating in SEARCHING FOR SUGARMAN, a hugely appealing documentary about fans, faith and an enigmatic Age of Aquarius musician who burned bright and hopeful before disappearing...In the end [the director] went looking for a man and found something much greater."
New York Times