On-Screen Advertising and Theatre Rental

On-Screen Advertising and Theatre Rental

Our on-screen advertising is an wonderful way to get your business in front of a continuous audience. We also open up the Rose to all types of special event rentals: weddings, birthdays, private screenings, concerts, fundraisers, whatever you like!


During restoration of the Rose Theatre in 1992, glass lantern slides dating to the 1920s were discovered above the old projection booth. These beautifully preserved color-tinted slides promoted coming attractions at the Rose as well as local businesses and events. Today these historical images are projected in the Rosebud before each feature presentation. 

Blending history and the needs of today's ever-changing business market, on-screen advertising offers local businesses a unique opportunity to expand their image as well as promote products and services.  Slides that are aesthetically consistent with the ambience of the Rose tend to stimulate conversation among audiences before the start of the feature.

Producing Your Slide
The Rose will offer guidance and advice as you or a local professional produces your slide.  We will be able to tell you what design elements work best in this format and provide you with examples of effective and attractive advertising.  Two excellent local sources for screen images: Isabel Bay Design  and David Conklin Photography.

Facts and Figures
The slide show is automatically started 30 minutes before each film.  The Rosebud auditorium seats 83 people, while the Rose seats 158.  Each auditorium plays a minimum of fourteen shows per week (840 minutes of screen advertising), these number increase with our busier summer schedule.  An average of 5,000 people per month purchase tickets to movies in our two theatres.  Each image circulates an average of 6 times per 30 minute sequence.  You may provide us with one individual slide or six different images, the rate is the same. 

Rate Information
Email rocky@rosetheatre.com for current rates.

How to Begin Advertising at the Rose
Please contact Rocky Friedman at the Rose Theatre: 360.385.1039 or rocky@rosetheatre.com


The Rose and Rosebud are available for a variety of events.  We're happy to do what we can to personalize the experience by opening up our concession, and serving popcorn and drinks from our soda fountain, if desired.  We've even hosted a wedding where guests showered the newlyweds with popcorn instead of rice!  Here are some of your options for theatre rental:

Private Screenings
The Rose Theatre presents the opportunity for you to fill the auditorium with family and friends for an exclusive showing of a new movie currently playing at the Rose.

Business Meetings
The Rose Theatre offers a range of audio/visual choices to suit your needs, including video and 35mm projection, spotlights, microphones, lectern, slide projector, and assisted listening devices.

Benefit Screenings and Fundraisers
A cost-effective and entertaining way of raising money for a charitable event or non-profit organization is the screening of an appropriate movie for your group.  Let us help you select the right movie to reach your fundraising goal.  Since 1992 more than $75,000 has been raised by Jefferson County organizations through benefit screenings at the Rose.

Available Times
The Rose is available in the morning, early afternoon or after our evenings shows, beginning around 9:00 p.m.  The seating capacity in the Rose auditorium is 158, and 83 in the Rosebud Cinema.

How to Book Your Event
For additional information on how to book your special event, please contact Rocky Friedman at 360.385.1039 or rocky@rosetheatre.com