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Shipwrights On The Crane
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It's December in Port Townsend, Washington; grey days, rain and temperatures in the 30s. A small crew rips rotten planks off an 85 foot fishing vessel down from Juneau, Alaska. Then on a swaying scaffolding they precisely measure new three inch thick planks of yellow cedar, securing them with 9" lag bolts. The new planks are caulked with oakum and driven into the seams while the boat's crew helps where they can. An ode to work and the intersections of skill, cooperation and physical strength; a deep dive into the reality of shipwright work. Directed by Charles Espey of Port Townsend.

NR, 92 min.

"….of course it is a film made just for me. I found myself tensing up at critical times, to help clamp, bonking those planks in...  I swear I even smelled the wood at one point.  so many things I love about this.  not the least of which the quiet communication of a solid team.  no bullshit.  and the owners, their obvious joy and pride and appreciation.  Working in the downpour rain, launching with an unfinished paint job.  PERFECT! no bullsh*t.  not mystic seaport." - Diana Talley

3 day • NR • 92 min.

"It was always my dream to have some of this work preserved so well. Without fanfare and just the “get ‘er done” going on."
— Kit Africa