Rocky’s Review
Ursula - Into Her Own

Art Saves Lives. I've read those three words on bumpers of cars more often than I could possibly calculate. But the power of those words took on new meaning - a new understanding for me - upon seeing URSULA VON RYDINGSVARD: INTO HER OWN. If you see just one film this week, make it this 57-minute work of art about an incomparable artist.

     Von Rydingsvard's sculptures are massive, yet strangely intimate. Some feel imbued with an almost a primal energy. Through sheer determination and talent, she has become one of the world's greatest artists (and one of very few women) working in monumental sculpture. Trailer

     "Von Rydingsvard favored forms are massive. They slump on the floor like hollow, tuburous mounds into which it's tempting to crawl; or just out from the wall; or else rise up like inverted megaliths or weathered geological forms. They're dramatic, sensuous, but at the same time almost accidental, as if shaped organically by wind and water." -The Washington Post

   This Friday, June 5th at 7:00 PM (PST), we're hosting a live virtual screening of THE WILD from director Mark Titus. Guests will include Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard, chefs Tom Douglas and Tom Cilicchio, Yupik artist Apayu'q Moore, actor Mark Harmon, activist Adrian Grenier, and the citizens of Bristol Bay, Alaska. 

     THE WILD is a race against time. Pebble Mine wants to build North America's largest open-pit copper mine at the headwaters of the most prodigious wild sockeye salmon run in the world. At stake is the survival of a keystone species that feeds 137 different creatures - including us - in a wild place that is the last of its kind on earth. The film will continue streaming indefinitely without guest appearances beginning Saturday, June 6th.

     The series MAGNOLIA PICTURES: A FEW OF OUR FAVORITE DOCSconcludes with HAIL SATAN? which runs for one week beginning this Friday. Your ticket purchase gains you access to the Q&A between director Penny Lane and Lucien Greaves, head of The Satanic Temple. The Q&A will be Wednesday, June 10th at 5:00 PM (PST). You may submit questions in advance to Per the director's request, 10% of ticket sales will go to GiveDirectly's COVID relief fund.