Rocky’s Review

"When will you be opening?" It's the question I receive most frequently these days. I wish that my answer was more definitive, but the unequivocal answer is, I don't know. Under Governor Inslee's Safe Start Plan the Rose would be able to open in Phase 3 with a seating capacity of less than 50%.

     Other factors determining a reopening date include the availability of new movies to play and what the public response is to our local restaurants reopening. And of course the spike in new coronavirus cases is most alarming. We are putting in place a long list of protocols for the safety of our staff, our patrons and the community. But as a friend said to me today, "You really get one chance to get it right." With that in mind, we are erring on the side of caution and will open when the data and other considerations align. We miss seeing all of you. Thank you for streaming Rose movies, and for purchasing gift cards and memberships for future use. It helps greatly.

     To borrow from Marcel Proust, here's a remembrance of things past - two short pieces (4 min. each) from our 2017 and 2018 DANCE FILM FESTIVAL: ESQUALO featuring the Lombard twins and the music of the great Astor Piazolla; and the extraordinarily graceful LIL BUCK WITH ICONS OF MODERN ART.

     RUNNER joins our streaming line-up this Friday, which we're presenting in partnership with the Port Townsend Film Festival. PTFF presented the film as part of their 2019 festival. This current presentation includes a live Q&A between director Bill Gallagher and Olympic marathoner Guor Maker. It's a distinctly inspirational story about the indomitable human spirit.