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Chatwin / Cardin

Werner Herzog - likely the most prolific filmmaker - turns the camera on himself and his decades-long friendship with late travel writer, novelist and journalist Bruce Chatwin, a kindred spirit whose quest for ecstatic truth carried him to all corners of the globe. Herzog's deeply personal portrait of Chatwin encompasses their shared interest in aboriginal cultures, ancient rituals, and the mysteries stitching together life on earth.

     Chatwin was the author of In Patagonia (1977), and Songlines (1987), among others. "Conveys a sense of profound beauty and primordial mystery."-Variety. "A poignant testament to two friends' shared curiosity about the world." -Hollywood Reporter. NOMAD: IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF BRUCE CHATWIN begins streaming today, 8/26.

     Our other new film this week is also a biography: HOUSE OF CARDIN, an authorized profile of fashion designer Pierre Cardin, that includes interviews with Sharon Stone, Naomi Campbell, Dionne Warwick, Jean Paul Gaultier, Philipp Starck, and Alice Cooper, among others. CARDIN begins streaming this Friday, 8/28.

     Pop-up popcorn on sale this Saturday, August 29, 2:00 - 5:00.

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